We can help to design and build, not just hope for a better nation of ours!

We must have the VISION. We must know HOW. We must DEVELOP new habits..

Luckily due to my habit of writing down journals of things that happen in my life, from the video above I can provide links to points or subject matter I had mentioned, just a sample to share as examples:  Consciousness   Mr. Mom   Flow   MH370 mystery   Kuantan inspiration   CSF 1   CSF 2  Mind and Brain   Habit   Malaysia   Mental illness   Life of Experiences   Plato's Appetites Reason Spirit

Let's listen to our current Prime Minister speaking in New York:

Listen to the incoming Prime Minister Datuk Anwar Seri Ibrahim speaking in Singapore:

In the struggle towards GE14 and after, I am impressed with what this man has done and shared:
We may miss our goal of 2020 but watch this video below for hopes of 2030: